Paul Freddura, son of Italian immigrants, was born and raised in the North End of Boston... wanting to own his own business, he learned the seafood trade from the ‘Old Timers’ on the docks and fish houses. Paul saw a niche he
could fill by marketing squid which was selling for 15¢ per pound. Fried Clams were sky high and he started frying ‘calamari’ for $3.50 a box. He established The Daily Catch at its present location in the heart of the North End
on Hanover Street, in a little shoebox storefront, in 1973. One wall offered fresh fish for retail – on the opposite wall you could sit at the counter and enjoy raw clams or fried fish offerings. In 1979, Paul met Maria Lombardo, a native of Troy, NY- she was raised in a restaurant family and was attending the BAC as an architectural student. They worked hard together and traveled along the east coast marketing Fried Calamari and other squid offerings at fairs & festivals.

The shoebox fish joint got a face-lift and became the ‘calamari café’ eatery it is today. The one-room open kitchen; stoves within arm length to the precious seats for just twenty!

They married in 1983, and welcomed their little blessings; Maximilian, Basil, Theo, Sage, Sebastian, Louis & Dominic, all sons- one right after the other. Paul and Maria have enjoyed the expansion of their concept
through the years... and like their marriage ‘for better or worse, richer or poorer’... some locations have thrived while others have not & one recently lost to urban rehab. Regardless, they prevail to offer New England’s freshest fish and shellfish prepared with imported olive oils, pasta and vinegar. Garlic simmered seafood, tomato sauces & fresh vegetables in their simple ‘Sicilian-Style’ recipes passed on from generations before.
All the boys have pitched in over the years learning and appreciating the family business and work ethic taught.

Maximilian is easing into the family business and is grooming for GM...

Basil graduated in 2007 from Johnson & Wales Culinary in Providence & and is Head Chef of Operations.

Theo and Sage have both graduated from studying business at UMass Amherst; Louis is in current attendance...

Dominic is currently attending DePaul University in Chicago, and they all pitch in where needed; bussing tables, salad pantry, the fry station or just looking smart at the counters.

Paul and Maria hope you enjoy their eateries as much as they have enjoyed providing consistent & without compromise their cooked-to-order seafood food for 40 years...